Windows Configuration

Install the Citrix Receiver


To get started, download and install the   Citrix Receiver for Windows.


Note: You may need to restart your computer after the installation.


As part of the installation the Citrix Receiver will be configured to start automatically when the computer starts so that it is quick and easy to access Clarity.

The First Windows Citrix Receiver Installation Screen


The Citrix Receiver Application

When the installation completes, you'll have a Citrix Receiver application in the Start menu and a little Citrix Receiver icon running in the system tray.

Citrix Receiver in the System Tray



Running the Citrix Receiver for the first time will automatically pull up the the 'Add Account' window.


The 'Add Account' screen will ask you to enter your Email or Server Address.


Server Address:

The Citrix Receiver Add Account Screen

Login Credentials


Next, you'll be prompted to enter your username and password.



When you enter your username, you need to prefix
it with "CASELLECLOUD\".

For example, if your username was LAS-ASMITH, you would enter: "CASELLECLOUD\LAS-ASMITH" in the Domain\User field.

The Citrix Receiver Login Credentials Screen

Using the Citrix Receiver


Once the Receiver is running, you'll have an empty application launcer area. This is where you will see and run your applications.


First we need to add the applications that you will use.


The Citrix Receiver

Click the + icon on the left sie of the Citrix Reciever window.


This will expand a side menu that will allow you to see the applications you have access too.


The Citrix Receiver

Click on the Clairy Cloud and Microsoft Excel applications.


Clicking on the applications will place a green checkbox next to them, and will add them to the application launcher area.


The Citrix Receiver

Once the applications are shown in the launcher area they are ready to use.


Simply click on an application to run it.

The Citrix Receiver

When running, applications appear and run as if they were running on your local machine.


Caselle Cloud Application

Tip: Security Permissions Popup

When you launch one of the applications, Windows will popup a security permissions window.

Select 'Permit Use' to allow the application to run normally.


Tip: We recommend selecting the "Do not ask me again for this site." check box before clicking 'Permit Use'. This will allow the application to run and will prevent other security permissions popups.

Security Permissions Request